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Success and happiness at work are rarely achieved by chance. From reviewing your current situation to exploring career options, maintaining and monitoring your career path is a must. We all need to ensure we develop a portfolio of skills to enable us to handle crises, push ahead with achievements and respond positively to change. Be proactive in developing your career plan so that you do not miss out on the rewards that more focus, drive and direction can bring.

Key points in managing your career

Dos and Don'ts



Points to remember

  1. You are responsible for the choices that you make and you can take control of your work and life balance.
  2. The most successful career paths have good planning, a sense of direction and clear milestones along the way. A career path needs to be flexible but it should always be structured.
  3. Specify for yourself what you are aiming for. Breaking these goals down into achievable steps will help you to set key career markers on your journey that you can view as targets.
  4. Many jobs are never advertised but are filled through word of mouth. Use social gatherings to meet new contacts and expand your network of contacts.
  5. Learning from failure can be just as useful as learning from success.

Managing Your Career
Adapted from “Managing your career” by Rebecca Tee, Dorling Kindersley, 2002 ISBN 0-7513-3846-X

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